Chanakya Niti: Here Are Four Things That Should Never Be Ashamed Of

* Acharya Chanakya has stated in his policy that life becomes very difficult without money.

Always be cautious in money transactions. It has been said that whenever you lend to someone, you should never be ashamed to withdraw.

The person who is shy about taking back the money has to suffer the loss of money. This makes his life difficult.

Chanakya says that like money, one should never be ashamed of education.

Chanakya says that while studying, the teacher should ask the teacher for solutions to all the questions that are arising in his mind.

Chanakya says that everyone on earthworks hard to feed. You should always eat full food, especially when you have become a guest at someone's place.

In such a situation, if you do not eat full food, you will be ashamed to ask for food, you will cheat on your health.

* Acharya Chanakya says, "Wherever there is a meeting, you should speak openly.