A scholar of unparallel wisdom, Chanakya, is known to the world as an ancient Indian philosopher, teacher and an extensively admired economist, who never disappointed his enemies, by surpassing their war antics.

Knowledge of people His insight on people and how they project themselves to the society has been well-acclaimed over the years.

Understanding women In the second chapter of Chanakya Neeti, he explains, “Anritam Sahasam Maya Murkhatramatilubdha Ashochatvam Nirdayatvam Strinam Dosha Swabhavaja." 

(Speaking false, starting a work without giving it any thought, daredevilry, deceitfulness, foolish acts, greed, impurity and cruelty - these are basic of a woman’s nature.)

Successful tips In his political treatise, Arthashastra, he mentions the trick to determine the true reality of any individual.

. And, what could it prove important more to than in case of marriage, where two individual blindly trusts one another, enough to spend the whole life together.

Importance of marriage Marriage is the most needed thing of our social life and every person wants to live a successful married life so that he can live happily with peace.

Chanakaya has given many secrets for a successful marriage in Chanakaya Niti.

While every man desires a beautiful woman to marry, Chanakya, instead has views that are otherwise.