Bentley Unveils Range-Topping Azure Over Cloud-Connected Stiletto Wheels

Aimed at enhancing the well-being and comfort of the vehicle occupants even further, the new Azure range will be available across all Bentley model lines.

In the words of Bentley, 'effortless performance and comfort over long distances have long been hallmarks of the brand.

So, just when you thought Bentley couldn't focus more on enhancing the ride comfort of its vehicles, the folks at Crewe have come out with a new Azure family of vehicles

Available across all five model lines – Bentayga, Bentayga EWB, Flying Spur, Continental GT and Continental GT Convertible.

Where the brand's 'Speed' models prioritise performance, the Azure range focuses on increasing the 'feel-fresh' factor of the driver & passengers after each journey, via a curated selection of features.

To enhance ride comfort and limit body roll, a key element of the Azure range is Bentley’s 48V active anti-roll system, Bentley Dynamic Ride.

The system is capable of electronically decoupling the anti-roll bars, when appropriate, to smoothen the ride.

It can even apply up to 1,300Nm of anti-roll torque (in just 0.3 seconds) while cornering to keep the body flat and stable.