Benelli’s First Faired Electric Bike Launched Soon, More Information Will Be Announced Soon

Benelli’s parent company QJMotor had unveiled the QJ7000D concept electric motorcycle at the 2021 Beijing Motor Show

an image of the production-spec model, called the QJ Motor RX, has leaked via homologation documents.

Compared to the concept e-bike, the production-spec version looks more aggressive thanks to the redesigned twin headlight cowl, slightly tweaked front fender and fairing.

The lid for the charging port is located right beneath the logo on the left side of the fairing, and the e-bike gets a key slot under the seat too.

The fairing surrounding the handlebar clamps are better designed than before whereas the tail section looks similar to the concept version.

The production-spec version comes with a 5kW motor as opposed to the 7kW unit in the concept model, and the claimed top speed, at around 105kmph, is the same as the concept’s.

Interestingly, the bike seems to have a gear and a clutch lever, which are uncommon on an electric motorcycle.

It even gets chain drives as opposed to belt drives that are usually used to minimize noise.