Bajaj Dominar Re- Design First Look With Touring Based Changes

The designer has given the vehicle  redesign from the front to the rear.

The bike has been given new er more aggressive all terrain tires plus for its touring credentials the bike has been given a bigger wind shield which would protect the rider in case of extensive highway riding.

Since the bike previously had a aggressive sitting position now it has been given a raised pair of handle bars which would help in touring as well as while riding on rough terrains.

All the necessary changes done to the bike have been aimed to make the bike a much more of a focused tourer motorcycle with capabilities s to off road as well

and those capacities are further enhanced by a belly pan protector installed at the front of the vehicle.

The bike also has been given a pair of luggage boxes that wrap around the sides plus a top box which would help the rider in carrying stuff for longer rides.

The bike has been designed in such a way that it provides a harmonious blend of style as well as function.

The bike would ride as good on the rough terrains as it would on highways.