Anupamaa SHOCKING twists

In the current episode of Anupamaa, Anu gets to know that some scam is going on in the office accounts.

On the other hand, Anuj gets injured in Anu's academy, after a glass door falls on his head.

Anu gets scared seeing his injuries and blood. Anu starts panicking and calls Vanraj for help.

Meanwhile, Vanraj will express anger over Pakhi after knowing that she secretly meets Adik.

He decides to send her out of the city. Anupamaa and Kavya do not support Vanraj's decision.

Anuj gets to know that he and Anupamaa can now adopt Anu.

In the upcoming episode of Anupamaa, Anuj gets excited and wants to inform Anupamaa about the same.

Anuj decides to not reveal the good news to Anupamaa but wants to surprise her.