5 Fitness Equipment You Should Own to Train at Home

If you have been a fitness enthusiast, then the pandemic, the lockdowns and restrictions must have certainly taken a toll on you as most gyms and fitness clubs were closed.

However, the ones who would not miss a workout even for a fortune made it a point to train at home, using innovative techniques or home equipment.

Smart Watch Well, planks are a core exercise you can do anywhere, and it is a lot of help when you can time your plank duration easily, and set starting and closing times.

Smartwatches do the trick and can also keep track of your growth and exercise goals, heartbeat, heart rate, and oxygen level.

Portable treadmill Although running or jogging out in the open is the most effective method to burn calories, if your home surroundings do not allow it, you can always go for a portable treadmill, which is also very effective.

Kettlebells Kettlebells offer better resistance than dumbbells in some exercises like side bending for obliques and kettlebell squats for your legs and hamstrings.

Skipping Rope The skipping rope is an inexpensive and useful piece of equipment that can take your workouts to another level. It is considered one of the best cardio workouts.

Now there is also a smart jump rope available in the market which acts like a smartwatch and creates a database record of your jump count and calories burned.