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10 Outfits Worn By Cher Clueless That’ll Make You Crazy

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Cher clueless outfits are worn by Cher clueless “Alicia Silverstone”. She appears as Cher Horowitz in the Clueless teen comedy movie. After the film Clueless, the Cher Horowitz outfits have become incredibly popular. People are curious about her appearance, fashion inspiration, and want to learn how to enhance their own wardrobes.

We’re going to show you some naive costumes from the 1990s, inspired by the film ‘Clueless,’ which was released on July 19, 1995. Which has long been regarded as one of the most well-known teen pictures. Her clueless outfits in this film are so iconic and vibrant. We’ll tell you what Cher wears in the movie, but all of her costumes are from pretty little things and Topshop Sauce.

1. Cher Clueless In Short Skirt With Red Plaid Coat

The first outfit is one of the most iconic outfits. She sort of wears a white shirt with a check short skirt and pairs up with high knee socks. To add extra gorgeousness to the simple look, she wears a red plaid coat as well.
Cher’s whole character is captured in the film’s title, “Clueless”.

She is completely out of touch with reality and lives a lifestyle that many people can only dream about. Cher Horowitz is a cool girl who is so fashionable and educated, yet so shallow in certain ways. If her character is so interesting then why is the name of the movie clueless? To answer this question, read the article till the end.

 chers clueless costume

All of this, you know, putting on a show and all of this behavior is a load of crap. It’s simply not true, and the ultimate truth is that your heart matters early on in the film. She jokes about how her life looks like a Noxzema commercial. [Youngins noxzema] was a face wash company that switched up its advertising model in the 90s to focus on terms. Initially, they featured young attractive models romanticized as a way to sell their products.

Looking back on our topic,  Cher’s clueless costume never goes out of style. Cher’s berets and pea coats have a very chic look. A-line skirts had to be plaid, much like the rest of her character’s outfits in the movie. It’s just a quintessential school.

2. Clueless Outfits Mini Skirts

stylish mini skirts

You’re taking this catholic school uniform and twisting it to high fashion and then transforming it yet again through the eyes of a high school girl. Aside from plaid we also see her styling sense, another academia associated print which interestingly enough has made a comeback in recent years.

3. Printed Short Skirts With Plain Blazer

printed short skirts with plain blazer

Mini skirts and turtlenecks are the best way to add extra charm to your simple outfits. Cher clueless have a uniform of sorts when going to school. We see her wearing A-line or pleated skirts. Some kind of blazer or long-sleeve blouse sweaters, heels, and knee-high socks. It’s an ode classic schoolgirl uniform but with a high fashion twist. 

4. Plain & Comfortable cher clueless costume

In Cher’s perspective, appearance is important, therefore both Tye and Miss Geist aim to influence them that altering their appearance will help them succeed. Cher, meanwhile, ensures that every detail of her outfit is flawless, from her hairdo to her shoes. That is why it is admirable that she believes she must portray the image of a good student.

5. Cher’s Clothing Sets

 Chers Clothing Sets

We observe early on in the film that Cher’s clueless attire consists of skirt sets and feminine colors. It’s no surprise that her high closet scans many identical possibilities before landing on the Cher clueless classic yellow plaid outfit.

6. Yellow Plaid Suit

yellow plaid suit

Cher appears to be a Sunshine icon in the yellow suit as if she is not only the center of the universe but also genuinely feels that she is brightening others’ lives. She even opted to chew gum that matched her dress in color.

In the 27 years or since the release of clueless the yellow suit has become a legendary fashion moment. Not only is it a go-to Halloween costume but it’s also been referenced in other media like Iggy Azalea’s fancy music video and K-pop group Luna for their love forever music video. 

In the recent adaptation of Emma starring Anya Taylor Joy, take a moment to reference the looking ‘clueless’ character wearing a bright yellow police uniform as a purposeful reference to Cher’s suit. When Cher gets home she changes out of her stiff school outfit into something more casual and still undeniably chic.

7. Plain Top With V-Neckline

plain top with v neckline

Whenever she is at school she consistently wears skirts and dresses, always playing the part of the perfect girl. Cher is clueless only even wears pants at home where she doesn’t feel the need to put up a front. Similarly, when she is around Gosh she dresses in simpler clueless outfits of black and white as opposed to the glamorous colorful look she wears around the school.

Over the course of the fall semester, we see Cher clueless in various iterations of her go-to outfit with plaid print and blazers making regular appearances.

8. Sleeved Empire dresses

Aside from her schoolgirl look Cher also wears sleeved Empire dresses helping create a classic aesthetic that ties into her character’s somewhat princessy attitude. It also happens to be a clever ode to the source material. Jane Austen’s novel was published in the midst of the regency period. When Empire waisted gowns were in fashion.

9. Crop Red Sweater

crop red sweater

This long white shirt looks great with a cropped red sweater. Cher wearing this sort of outfit goes back to the belief that this type of outfit will always exist, regardless of the era, and fashion follows a cyclical pattern. Cher’s attire portrays her character’s cluelessness and childishness. As a result of Cher’s uniform and layering clothes, this style has grown fashionable.

10. Light Shades

light shades cueless

This pink outfit is still true to her character’s original style down to the collared blouse and plaid print but she looks more relaxed and easy-going. If you are thinking of trying these outfits then you can have similar clothes options. As it’s available on Amazon and other clothing websites.


This post will go over all you need to know about Cher’s clueless clothes. Her costumes are inspired by 90s fashion and becoming incredibly popular as fashion advances every day. She collects designs and styles from the 1990s. Clueless drew a lot of attention from the beginning, and millions of people adored her persona, fashion sense, and style. So, you’ve got the concept of all the trendy clothes and decided to create your own stylish one.

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